Code of Conduct Templates

No two ways about, while running a business or spending a perfect life both may require to have ethics, morality, values and principles. As per one saying; nowadays, running a business in not as simple as it seems. Well, somewhat it’s not a rocket science. So, if you’ve already set an effective code of conduct for your business then you can simply guide your employees how to behave on workplace. Yes! The vital reason of code of conduct is to assist the people to behave according to stated rules and regulations of company. It’s actually a formal document written by the company to officially promote an ethical behavior in employees. However, we can also call a code of conduct as a document of ethics which has accessions to properly developed for summarizing the rules and regulations.

Evidently, a code of conduct is intended to be a central guide or a particular system that may support the company to make decisions & assist the employees to do their day-to-day activities without even getting in a trouble. To all appearance, this reference document may purely mean to clarify the mission statement of organization. Usually, we can link the progress of some individual or company with its values, professional stander, & code of conduct. Seemingly, as a reference, we can locate the code of conduct as a relevant document that may cover the resources related to ethics within the organization.

As per the criteria of business, there’re companies that develop several different policies, guidelines, & principles for governing their operations smoothly & concisely. Small scale companies usually set rules & fewer policies for their operations, but the large enterprise with sole proprietorship usually require number of guidelines, & principles to manage their operations as well as employees behavior. If you also want to prepare a code of conduct for your business then you have to consider for these aspects, just like; purpose, scope, process, advanced procedure, training, incentives, and consideration.

Reasons for developing a code of conduct;

  • For sets the minimum standards for business
  • Limiting the liability
  • Getting help in case of accidents
  • Limiting government initiatives to create new legislation;
  • Creating a positive atmosphere on workplace
  • For the sake of sharing the company’s culture
  • Promote rules
  • Protecting the employees
  • Enhancing the reputation of company
  • Improving the behavior of staff
  • Set a corporate social responsibility
  • Improve the functions
  • Enhance the productivity of running system
  • For guiding the employees
  • For enabling the company to communicate with employees
  • Improving the business relationship
  • Prohibit inappropriate behavior o workplace
  • Hold the management accountable