Farewell Messages

Farewell is a time when we all set to leave each other for taking a new start of our life. Actually, farewell is a turning point of life which gives use sorrow and happiness both at a same time. If we talk about farewell messages than we can say that a last note, letter or card we will share with our colleagues, classmates, school friends, collage buddies and co-workers just before leaving them for an unknown interval of time will call a farewell message. Saying goodbye to the one who have a great importance in your life is always difficult thing to do. Believe me whenever a close one is moving away at that moment finding some right words which can explain your emotions is somewhat a tough task.

A message which describe the period of life we’ve spent together, & all the moments which we spent will be the witness of our togetherness is a farewell message. A farewell message will give us an exciting reason to tell the feelings of our heart in a special way. No doubt, a farewell message will be served as a sophisticate send-off gift. So, all you need to do simply write some touching words on letter, card or greeting note and present to the one who’s leaving. With a farewell message you can simply let your companion know how special his/her company was and his/her leaving means a big loss to you.

Fair enough, there must be difference while writing a farewell message to your best buddy or colleague. Somewhat, you can use casual wording for your school mate/ class fellow but the message for colleague must be written in a fairly professional manner. Apart of this, farewell message will make this hardship mush easier; simply write some words that will never fades from your memory. After write an effective farewell message you can share it with the person who is close to leave through formal email, a multimedia message, a simple written text or a letter with pleasant image that might be more appropriate than a purchased greeting card.

Things individual must have to consider while writing a farewell message,

  • Use professional wording but you can use personal too
  • Use sweet sentence to express how you will miss him/her
  • Make him realize no one can alter his place
  • No doubt, you’re writing a message for a co-worker or classmate when he’s more like a friend then you have to say goodbye in a way that makes him leave with smiles on face, love in heart, tears in eyes, & happy memories in mind
  • With the use of inspirational quotes, you can make your message more delightful
  • You can talk about such funny/memorable incident you both are witness
  • You can write how you found your mate’s presence motivating

Samples of farewell messages;

  • Because we were together, I may not let tears out of my eyes. But I want you to know, that my heart will silently weep and cry
  • The memories we’ve shared with each other will stay forever
  • It is hard to say goodbye, I will never miss you because for missing you I must have to forget you sometimes that I’ll never do
  • I am sad that the joyride of working with you has to come to an end, I’ll miss you forever
  • Your departure will leave my ground barren and dry


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2- Employees Farewell Message Template

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