Analysis Templates

Stakeholder Analysis Examples

No doubt in term of organizational level a stakeholder management is somehow critical to the success of running & future projects of company. Well here in this article we’ll deeply talk about stakeholder analysis. To all appearance we can define it as a smart technical process which used by business or companies to determine the impact of a specific action that maybe taken by some various groups or a [...]

Safety Analysis Examples

The safety analysis is all about the safety of a workplace where due to some unusual happen the workforce can get injury or cause weird illness. No doubt on workplaces the employees who operate machines and tools are always in danger so it’s the reason-ability of company to make sure that the safety of employees is the first priority of their business. Let’s suppose if the employees or labor are [...]

Risk Analysis Examples

The risk analysis example is the systematic process which uses to analyze the chances of danger; well this is the most common example of analysis that can be drive for defining the uncertainties of individuals, businesses, machines, government agency, system, program, equipment, tool & a specific given course of action and formats which are used in this analysis are called Risk Analysis Examples. As a [...]

Market Analysis Examples

A market analysis is a study method which serves as an organized way of analyzing the opportunities that a company can achieves with strong market strategies. Well in simple words we can assume that it’s a precise way of identifying the needs of consumers. To be frankly speaking this process is familiar for companies to develop new products or services that meet with the needs of customers. Yes! Beyond [...]

Gap Analysis Examples

It’s a fact if you want to run your business effectively than you need a solid business strategy as well as required to set the standards for business where you wish to reach. Almost certainly, the gap analysis is a research process which drives by professionals for making a smart compression of actual performance with desired performance. Well this process usually handles in the management literature. [...]

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Examples

The failure mode and effect analysis is a systematic technique that was developed in late 1940s to figure out the problems, well this technique officially derived by reliability engineers. However we can also call this as FMEA which would be abbreviated as failure mode effect analysis, no doubt this is a typical sort of study method which draft by engineers when they’re all set to launch new product, [...]

SWOT Analysis Examples

Before go further to illustrate the example of SWOT analysis here is the actual definition & history of SWOT, well a SWOT analysis is scientific tool use by companies & business to evaluate the strength, weakness, opportunities & threads of industry. Other than that this SWOT analysis could be used as a business concept, thus in simple words we can also say that it’s use to develop good [...]

Cost Benefit Analysis Examples

Before go further for define about cost benefit analysis here we can say that it’s relatively an old concept which firstly described by a French engineer in 1848 who called as “Jules Dupuit Sir”. Well a cost benefits analysis is a process in which business can make some critical decisions under the manipulated study of costs with their analyzed benefits. As a business man drawing a process of [...]

Cost Analysis Examples

The cost analysis is a process which develops by business & companies to examine the manipulation of cost data; well this is a puzzle-out phenomenon that varies on accumulation & examination of costs for different products manufactured by company. In like manner in term of business definition a cost analysis is an act of breaking down the data of different costs as comparison with products produce [...]

Competitive Analysis Examples

The competitive analysis is a business term which use by companies to be surly determines the strengths and weaknesses of their rival companies. Well this competitive analysis will drive as a moniker to identify the week point of the competitors who also working within the market. Unless other things this is a precise procedure which runs in a detailed manner to examine the overall business strategies of [...]