Payroll Templates

Salary Slip Template

A salary slip can be defined as a business slip which usually generate by companies to make sure that a certain employee has been taken his salary on specific date. Yes! Every employee of business will get his salary after sign a salary slip. No matter, you own a large enterprise or simply running a small business whenever it comes to manage the salary related matters of employees you have to establish a [...]

Salary Increment Template

As per the criteria of employment there’re several schools-of-thought that actually interconnect with the performance level of employee for work as well as confidence of employer for employees. If we precisely talk about pay incentives and employee performance reviews then for sure at some point we’ll reach on conclusion which regarding to the increment of salary. No doubt, salary is something which [...]

Salary Certificate Format

We can explain a salary certificate as an official document which has accession to prove the facts about salary of specific employee. No doubt, the company where you’re employing will have to issue a salary certificate regardless for the facts of account department or business where paying you salaries in cash or through Cheque. Now the rising question is what the real purpose of salary certificate for [...]

Payroll Template

If you’re running a business or own a small company Payroll is a must having tool for keeping the information about employees in order. No doubt, an accurately prepared payroll will support the company to make a brief list of total employees working in a company. Usually, this list will include the names of employees along with their designation in company, but payroll will also cover the entire amount [...]

Payroll Deduction Form

This is a simple sheet of paper used in business when a specific amount of payments need to deduct from the salaries of employees. Usually, a payroll deduction form may filled by the employer or HR department of company when there’re some due amount of payments in the account of employee. But, this form can also be filled by the employee itself when he want to allow the company to deduct a considerable [...]

Payroll Change Form

A payroll change form is a most common example of payroll which used in business, whenever an employee may want to request the company to improve his ranking in business or shift him from one department to another within the company. Well, pay form is a general sort of paper that filled by employee & submits to the head of department or manager of company. This form will not only record the stuff [...]

Pay Stub Template

A pay stub can be exemplified as a small sheet of written paper which also calls as a paystub or pay advice. Well, it’s an interesting sort of slip which documents the facts related to the pays of employees. Yeah! This slip will generate by the company & employee will receive it along with original pay slip. So, we can also define it as a notice that has been attached with pay slip shows the real [...]

Payslip Template

A pay slip can be described as a written note or small piece of document given to an employee by the employer as a record of pay. Yes! This slip may cover a certain amount of payment has been paid to the specific employee who work for a company. No doubt this is a most common slip & it vastly used by almost every company where employees work against salaries. A Pay slip will work as an evidence of [...]

Certified Payroll Form

A certified payroll form can be defined as a type of document which usually used in business. It’s a commonly used document by the departments of company to request the account department of business to issue payments for work has been completed by different employees. When the employees have completed the tasks given by employer related to some project than this kind of certified payroll form may [...]