Financial Statement Templates

In term of business the real advantage of financial statement is to clear the financial position of company in the midst of public. Yes! The vital purpose of financial statements is to provide in-depth information about the performance level of company with respect to the changes in financial position. Most probably the objective for preparing a finical statement of company is to record the information of enterprise after the effective analysis to make decisions related to the wide range economic matters. Seemingly, the finical statement will use to present the information regarding to the benchmark of all the current financial communique of enterprise.

Here is a list of individuals who somewhat the beneficiaries of financial statement; just like; company, employees, customers, competitors, government institutes, general public, financial institutes, suppliers, prospective investors, shareholders & manager of company. However, here’re four major areas an entire set of financial statement may cover, i.e. making decisions for the matters related to the credit, matters relate to the concern of investment, matters belong to the bargaining position of companies, decisions  relates to the issues of taxes

In underneath points let’s talk about the effectiveness of financial statement in the perspective of beneficiaries;

  • Company itself use financial statements to clear their position
  • Managers of company may need to take important decisions of company, so he can use it to deal with all the matters concern with the finical affairs of company
  • Financial institutes can get help from the financial statements of company because they’ve require to collect information about the financial statements of different companies to make their report
  • Potential customers of business can review a financial statement to assess the information about the supplies
  • Employees may also need to keep check on finical statements of company for remuneration and job security
  • Government keep check on the financial statements of different companies for matching the facts of tax returns
  • The investors & general public may review the financial statements for knowing the facts about the probability of company
  • Public can also check the economic growth of company
  • Local community can simply know the effects of some entity in the environment
  • Rival companies can learn how their competitors are generating more profit
  • Yes! the competitors can simply improve their quality of work as well as can further develop their strategies
  • In order to improve the competitiveness, the rivals must have to keep an eye on finical statements
  • The financial statement will let the suppliers know about the financial health of company that is crucial for continuation of supplies
  • Financial statement will support the investors to investigate the company in which they’re going to invest
  • The prospective investors can simply review the statement to predict that whether this company will be suitable for investment or not


2- Business Financial Statement Template

Business Financial Statement Template

Name: Business Financial Statement Template

Document Type: MS Excel

Layout: Single Page

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3- Personal Financial Statement Template

Personal Financial Statement Template

Name: Personal Financial Statement Template

Document Type: MS Word

Layout: Two Pages

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