Holiday Out of Office Message Template

“Holiday Out of Office Messages”

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1. I will be on holiday from [date] to [date]. Each person may send me one email while I am gone. I will randomly delete multiple emails from you until only one is left. You have already sent me one email.


 2. I’ve run away to join the circus. A different one.


 3. I’m away until [date]. If you have an immediate issue, contact [name]. If your issue is not immediate, why are you emailing me?


4. I cannot handle your emails until I return on [date]. Please be patient and your mail will be deleted in the order it was received.


5. I’m away from my desk at the moment. My cubicle and computer are still here, but someone took my desk. I’ve gone off to look for it.


6. I am out for the day at a doctor’s appointment. My brain is being removed so I can enter management.


7. I stayed at a motel last night because of the weather, and my cat ran under the bed, which is bolted to the floor. I can’t ask the chambermaids to help me catch the cat, because I’m not supposed to have a cat in here. As soon as the cat comes out, I’ll be back in to work.


8. I’m not out of the office. I’m ignoring you.


9. I am away from the office right now. Unfortunately, I will be back tomorrow.


10. I am no longer checking this email account. The company and I reached a settlement, and in exchange for my not coming within 500 feet of their offices, I will not serve any time.


11. I am away until [date]. I have full access to phone and email, but refuse to use them for work.


12. I am attending training for one week. Don’t expect any difference when I return.


13. I’m out of the office, and probably drinking.


14. I will be out of the office on medical leave for the next 2 weeks. When I return, please call me Loretta instead of Steve.


15. I am out of the office until [date]. Enjoy the quiet.


16. On annual leave, hope to win the lottery and never return.


17. Your message contained 15 characters too many for our system to accept at the present time. Please re-format and re-send.


18. On a beach, no laptop, no iPhone. Back [date].


19. I am away until [date]. During my absence, please contact [name]. He won’t help you either.