Contract Templates

Limited or Time Based Nanny Contract Template

If you want to hire a nanny for limited or time-based job then you need to prepare a contract in advance which cover very bit of information about her job. No doubt, the job of nanny is not as simple as it seems, here on contract you will write the actual criteria of nanny’s job along with her responsibilities. The nanny contract will serve as a legal aspect. So, make sure that your contract include [...]

Standard Nanny Contract Template

A simple nanny contract is a basic type of document which can be used in all the jobs of nanny, no matter you need to prepare a nanny contract for temporary or permanent basis, this format of nanny contract will serve as a tool to define the exact details of your nanny’s job. This legal document will sets standards for the nanny’s behavior as well as certify the working hours of nanny along [...]

Permanent Nanny Contract Template

If you want to enter in the occupation of nanny then you have to sign a contract with person or house that offering you a nanny’s  job. Well, singing a permanent nanny contract in advance will be great way to define the parameters of the nanny position along with the pay and other terms of deal. Here your nanny contract will clearly set the rules and regulation of nanny’s job. Before signing [...]

Religious Marriage Contract Template

A religious marriage contract is always signed to define the rights and duties of both spouses. In mostly civilizations including the Muslims, Christianity, Jewess and Hinduism, this contract having significance importance. So, all around the world this contract will establish before anything else, because it’ll serve as a witness for all the after marriage related matters especially the sexual [...]

Interfaith Marriage Contract Template

A marriage contract which always signed between the persons who having different beliefs of religion. As we know the interfaith is a controversial concept, so; this particular contract will protect the rights of both spouses who willing to bound them self in the most important relation of life. It’ll protect the persons who truly based on different religious beliefs and now they’re legally [...]

Civil Marriage Contract Template

Nowadays, several couples prefer to have a civil marriage contract which recorded, and recognized their marriage according to the matters set by the government officials. It’s a legal marriage license that we can also call as a marriage contract. Thus, this particular contract will use to outlines the specific obligations and prohibitions established by the law. Civil Marriage [...]

Student Loan Contract Template

A student loan contract is a legal document which signed by the student and company/institute that willing to provide him/her a considerable amount of loan for his/her study. This simple contract will include the real reason for loan, timing for return the loan, conditions, terms, policy matters of loan provider, information of both parties and even more. Thus, after completing the process of loan contract [...]

Personal Loan Contract Template

A personal loan can be defined as a loan which grant by some financial institute or company exclusively for the personal use of individual. This interesting kind of loan contract will usually singed between two parties. Mostly in business or corporation level, whenever the employee ask company for loan the company itself will present a contact which full of terms and conditions in-relevant to the criteria [...]

Vehicle Loan Contract Template

A vehicle loan contract for small personal or business use will protect the rights of borrower as well as the loan provider. Yes! A smartly prepared loan contract will clearly include a list of description about the terms of contract along with the provided offers of finical institute. Seemingly, this contract will also include some data about the interest rate of loan, conditions of use, return policy and [...]

Nanny Service Contract Templates

Before go further to tell you about the nanny contract, let me put some light on the main character of nanny as well as her/him responsibilities. In modern societies, nanny is someone who provides safe, nurturing care, child care cooking and cleaning associated with one or more children under the settled pay is called nanny. Basically nanny is a type of employment which everyone can choose as occupation; [...]