Salary Certificate Format

We can explain a salary certificate as an official document which has accession to prove the facts about salary of specific employee. No doubt, the company where you’re employing will have to issue a salary certificate regardless for the facts of account department or business where paying you salaries in cash or through Cheque. Now the rising question is what the real purpose of salary certificate for employee as well as company itself. Irrespective from the other usual facts, a salary certificate is always given to the employee as a reward by the company where he/she is employing. Yes! Salary certificate will be issued to show that company has fully satisfied with the performance level of employee & now presenting him with this certificate as a mean of appreciation.

So, if you good in work and doing your tasks in a batter way then your company have to present you with salary certificate which appreciate your level of performance. No two questions about, there’re several reasons when company can generate a salary certificate. But the most important reason is to present a salary certificate as evidence which make sure that employee has been paid his salary with special incentives or reward some amount of money for a specified period of time. In term of employment, Salary Certificate Format will also work as a proof of employment within a company. In general cases, this salary certificate will be issued by the employer when the company is all set to declare the withdrawal of salary for specific employee.

A smartly written salary certificate will cover several aspects, including the information about the employee, title of company, reason of certificate, designation of employee in company, title of job, basic structure of salary, total earned incentives, allowances, amounts of deductions, net salary, actual payment, signatures of employer, stamp of company, business logo, etc. Here individual certificate maker must have to prepare a salary certificate in a proper format. In addition, a salary certificate maker may also need to consider that this certificate is containing every bit of salary related information in a well-sophisticate form.



1- Salary Certificate Format

salary certificate format

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Salary Certificate Format

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