Venn Diagram Template

A Venn diagram is a popular tool which helps the people and companies to represent the information about something using a mathematical or logical set known as Venn diagram. Well, this unique facts representative tool may consist on a pictorially like a circle which represent the facts on it with closed curves or within an enclosing rectangle. However, this interesting fact representation tool was invented by a guy called John Venn; that is why it named as Venn diagram. Here the vital purpose of this distinctive diagram is to follow as a way of picturing relationships between different things. Here we can present thing separately on in a group of several things.

Thus, we can say that, a Venn diagram which is also known as a set diagram may show all the possible and logical relation between different sets. Yes! This diagram can use for the finite collection of common elements or the universal sets that being represented by intersections of the main area of circles. Nevertheless, an often use Venn diagram which famously generated by the people to include the at least two sets will thoroughly represented by two overlapping circles, although in many other cases this diagrams can also be made with more than three circles, or sometimes it made with a series of complex shapes to represent more than three sets of data. Here on diagram the circles are used to represents the sets, while on the go the position and overlap of these circles will indicate the relationship between the sets.


Venn Diagram Template

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